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“LAPA Security continue to maintain a high professional performance in all situations.”

Mark Wallace
Hilton Hotels


About Us

LAPA Security is a privately owned security services company, controlled and managed by Security specialists with over 30 years experience within the Security Services industry.
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We believe our customers’ needs drive our business.

Providing Explosive, Terrorist and General threat consultancy to a variety of blue chip organizations and high net individuals, our Board of Directors are well versed in the field of security services and the application of appropriate security teams and services for all situations and environments.

The protection and security of the home and work place should never be compromised. The contemporary method of expressing a company’s work ethic is in a mission statement; however we at Lapa security prefer to express our philosophy and value in simpler, and perhaps old fashioned terms.

The security of our client’s business assets is paramount and never less than our number one priority. When you employ Lapa security be assured your protection is in the hands of true professionals. Our highly trained and motivated staff has but one objective-the complete protection of your property and your personnel.