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Concerns for School safety have rapidly increased, realised by the horrific incidents reported in the media and the government’s dramatic decision to direct £66 million into school security. If securing your school is a priority but you are not sure which way to go from here, a partnership with specialists is a step in the right direction.
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A frightening amount of School budget now goes on repairing wilful damage. The total cost of insuring against, repairing the effects, of vandalism and arson plus replacement of stolen items is in its millions and rising.
Removing the problems of vandalism, theft, arson and intruders could have an enormous benefit to your School.

It is important that Schools lead pupils in dealing with law and order, teaching pupils of the need to uphold the law for the benefit of all.

Lapa’s unique, people-centred approach will provide your school with a dual focus for safety management and technique Steering away from the familiar ‘bolt on’ security which is neither personal nor cost effective, we can offer DIY style training and advice which will remain in place long after we have completed our on-site task.
Working hand in hand with teaching staff, students and parents alike, Lapa School Security can help you create a safer environment for your school by providing the best possible advise and training and the the most appropriate equipement and technology to meet your own safety needs. By empowering your school with its own sense of safety, we can promote a freedom and unite amoung staff, students, parents and the local community that is currently at risk of being lost.

Key Features of School Safety Programme:

• Advise and consultation
• Education and training
• Literature
• Hardware and personnel
• Maintenance

A school safety programme to be recommended by Lapa and presented to relivent school representatives. This programme will be designed to facilitate the implementation of a workable School Safety Management package suited to the Schools individual identity and safety needs.