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Dog handlers

Lapa Security has the benefit of highly trained and qualified dog handlers and search teams MOD and HM Prison Services qualified. All of our officers and dogs along with our training and methods adhere to British Standards. Because of our high standards Lapa security is NASDU approved.
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Lapa security canine dogs are trained to work in virtually any environment. Highly trained experienced and competent handlers, handle these dogs. Every function/site varies from location to location in its needs. Tailoring the type of dog and the requirements to suit your criteria.

Within Lapa there are 3 sub-divisions:

  • General Purpose guard dogs
  • Search Team (drug and Explosive)
  • Training (Dogs and Handlers)


General Purpose Guard Dogs

The general purpose dog as the name implies is an all-round dog trained in many disciplines being bold but not necessarily aggressive. High profile security dogs prove to be the most successful deterrent available. This factor gives great confidence to the handler in a remote and or high risk environment especially during ‘the silent hours’.
Due to the dogs acute senses it is almost impossible for the would be intruder to pass undetected by the dog. Lapa security canine takes great care to ensure that all security dogs receive the required training to pick up and indicate the presence of an intruder and defend with or without words of command.

Explosive Search

In this extremely specialized field Lapa security canine has a number of qualified olfaction approved (to MOD standard) handlers
The service specifications provided by Lapa would be in accordance with standards detailed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Additionally target standards are set for canine training and assignments which are allied to the highest standards by home office agencies, defence research agencies and military dog training establishments. Lapa security Canine reaches the level up to and including EOD (Explosive Ordinance demolition) technicians.The dogs are taught to be able to detect and indicate the presence of any substance it is trained to find. These include the following substances of explosive materials: samtex A.B.H. PE4. C4 TNT. Ammonia Nitrate, Firearms and Ammunition, Special Gel 80% and TATP amongst others..

Drug Search

New Legislation that will come into fruition shortly, specifies that all licensees to the industry will have to show due care and diligence towards drugs and their abuse within the workplace.
This will provide an enormous market for drug olfaction work within the industry and already a number of breweries are extremely interested in our participation in this field. There is also unfortunately a need to supply passive drug search dogs to Schools and the entertainment industries.