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Static Security

In todays modern world, many threats exist which put risk upon both person and business. Our static security services provide around the clock security to give you complete peace of mind, protecting you or your business.
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Static Security Services aim to fulfill 5 core functions as a part of your security strategy:

  • deter
  • delay
  • alert
  • inform
  • react

Our Static Security Services fulfil all of the above functions, ensuring the safe and secure running of businesses and locations at all times. Our guards will conduct regular patrols, operate control equipment, and monitor the output of surveillance systems to ensure paremeters are secure. If required, our static security guards can be supplied with security dogs, so that regular patrols can be carried out as a part of our service.

If you require an effective, presentable, and safe security solution, contact our team today to understand how we can be of assistance.