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Building site / Refurbishment

It takes a special type of officer to work on a construction site. Sites can be busy, dangerous places, where every construction company makes an allowance of 10% of their budget for damaged or stolen equipment.
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Wearing (PPE) visual florescent coats, hardhats and steel cap boots, the LAPA security officer must be alert and vigilant.
Responsible for all vehicles, vans and Lorries coming on and off the site, he must also be able to check personnel in a way that is both tactful but authoritive and be able to deal with situations that do emerge on sites that are naturally pressurized.
Each site differs slightly, and each construction company has different criteria.

LAPA security strives to understand and adapt to the changes of each demand. We would meet, discuss, plan, and deal with the construction site in a clear defined role without being obtrusive