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Street patrols

With rising crime statistics on Britains streets, a visual, capable detterant is a welcomed addition to a community's immediate street and neighbourhood. Our street patrol services not only provide peace of mind, but also help to ensure a safe environment is shared by all.
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Lots of people (for a variety of reasons)  will hire close protection officers (bodyguards) to look after these potentially targeted individuals. This is all very well and good however this takes some getting used to, as it encroaches on one’s privacy, the privacy of the rest of the family and their movement. Unfortunately all to often, these measures are saught after the crime has taken place.

Our Security Patrol Officers provide security and protection in the following ways:

  • A street patrol would provide a visual deterrent to any would be thief or attacker
  • The patrol would be able to see any problems that might arise
  • Respond immediately to any incident
  • To carry out a meet and greet services
  • The meet and greet service is where all residents that are participating within the scheme are given the security officers patrol mobile number.

The Role of Patrol Officer

The officer’s role will be to check the area by mobile patrol checking in where required and to ensure anybody entering the area designated where possible, are watched and / or vouched for by residents

As well as checking any visitors seen and ensuring the streets and any cul de sacs are safe and secure, he will also be required to do a meet and greet service to residents.

Areas we conduct street patrols: